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Treatments & Services

  • Treatment Planning

    Our team of highly trained professionals will work closely with you to help you understand your treatment needs. By using digital x-rays and intra-oral digital imaging equipment, which will be automatically updated on our advanced computer systems, your dentist will be able to give you a detailed insight into the condition of your mouth and by working together be able to form the right treatment plan for your individual needs.

    What to expect at your check-up

    • Full medical history
    • Dental and periodontal (gums) examination
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Routine digital x-rays (50% dose reduction compared to conventional x-rays)
    • Opportunity to ask your dentist any questions
    • Treatment planning if required

  • Prevention

    Modern dentistry has a huge emphasis on prevention measures. Our dental professionals will guide you as to your personal requirements. These include the use of topical fluoride application, diet guidance, oral hygiene instruction and routine screening. It is important to implement these measures as soon as possible in order to maintain good oral health.

  • Dental Hygiene

    Excellent oral hygiene is key to preventing gum disease, avoiding tooth decay and maintaining a fresh and healthy mouth. Our aim is to provide you with the best oral health care possible using a team of highly skilled dental hygienists that will work closely with you and your dentist.

    Your dental hygienists will teach you how to maintain your teeth and gums at home, however, some areas of your mouth are more difficult to reach and inevitably build-up will occur. Your dentist and dental hygienist will guide you on your individual requirements and closely monitor your progress, highlighting any areas that require further treatments.

  • White Fillings

    White (composite) fillings are now a very popular choice of filling material as they result in an extremely natural looking tooth eliminating the need for amalgam (mercury) fillings. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, the white fillings are bonded to the tooth surface which helps to strengthen the overall tooth structure, reducing the chance of a tooth fracture. The bonding of the filling material also reduces the amount of tooth loss required as the shape of the cavity is less important in holding the filling in place. White fillings are cured (set hard) by a blue light in approximately 40 seconds.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Brighten up your smile by lightening your existing teeth. 

    Teeth come in all different shades and can become discoloured over the years due to staining from food and drink such as tea, coffee and red wine. Tooth bleaching has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. It is a highly effective yet very simple procedure which can be carried out in the comfort of your own home using a set of custom fit trays. The trays are created by dental technicians from moulds of your teeth taken by your dentist. This is a gradual whitening treatment that you are in control of and once your desired shade is reached you can use the kit to top up your shade for years to come.

  • Crowns & Bridges

    A crown may be used when a tooth can no longer be restored by a filling. A crown is cemented over the remaining tooth, restoring it to its former size and shape. A bridge is a treatment option to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns and Bridges can be fabricated from the following materials.

    Metal Crown

    A crown made by traditional casting technique using a mixture of metals.

    These crowns are very strong and durable.

    Porcelain Bonded Crown

    A crown core is constructed by a traditional casting technique using a mixture of metals. The metal core is then coated in porcelain using a shade to blend in with your teeth.

    These crowns are strong and durable and can also be used for bridge work to replace missing teeth.

    Zirconia Crown

    The crown core is created by a modern milling technique using a tooth coloured, translucent substance called zirconia which is harder than metal. This process produces a better fitting crown than the traditional casting techniques.

    The zirconia core is coated in porcelain, using a shade to blend in with your teeth. These natural looking crowns are cosmetically excellent.

    Zirconia crowns are very strong and durable and can also be used for bridge work to replace missing teeth.

  • Veneers

    A veneer is a very thin layer of material (often porcelain) which is very strongly bonded to the surface of your tooth to improve the following characteristics:

    • Shade
    • Shape
    • Size
    • Position

    The treatment usually requires just two visits. The first visit is to minimally prepare the teeth and to take extremely accurate moulds which are then sent to our highly trained dental technicians who custom make your veneers to your individual requirements. On the second visit, which is usually a week later, the veneers are tried in so you can check you are happy with your new smile before they are bonded in place using a very strong veneer bonding agent. Veneers can be a very quick and effective way to improve your smile whilst being minimally invasive. 

  • Dentures

    We offer a full range of denture types including standard acrylic, high impact acrylic, flexible acrylics and cobalt-chrome. The best material suited to your mouth depends greatly on your individual needs and your dentist will be happy to help you with this decision. The teeth used on the dentures vary considerably from soft single composition to hard wearing aesthetically excellent multi-layered composition. We are very proud that we can provide you this service at a highly competitive price.

  • Gum Shields

    We provide professionally made gum shields using a colour or colours of your choice and can include your name printed discretely inside them. It is strongly recommended that you use a gum shield at all times during contact sports. It is also very important that the gum shield is an extremely good fit so that it remains in place following an impact. this is why professionally constructed gums shields are recommended rather than over the counter 'self-moulded' gum shields.